ƒ : contact us : mysterykidsproject @ gmail.com

Anonymous asked:

i would really like to help with the drawing, and I'm only 12. I can really draw Raz like seriously, and was wondering if I could possibly help, any time. I can send a few of my sketches of Raz, or I could also consider doing coralline as well. Raz would be of greater quality though. I would like to help the mystery kids now or in the future!

Hi there!

We would love to see what you’ve got. Please send all assorted material to mysterykidsproject@gmail.com. We can talk more there. Thanks so much for your interest and I can’t wait to see your work!


Anonymous asked:

Do you think there would be positions still available later in the project? I'm currently saving up for a laptop (I just use a cheap tablet for now), but I probably won't have the funds for a few months and was wondering if it was possible. Also, do you have any requirements (age, mic quality, etc etc) for if you ever auditioned for parts?

Later on in the project, there might be positions avalible. However, at this point we can’t tell ya anything conrecte as it’s too early to tell. Thanks!

-Zach, Co-Leader/Secretary/TEam Mom

rubisan asked:

Hi! I'm Kimosan from DA and you commented on my DA profile and mentioned if I was interested to check you guys out, and here I am! Is there any preferred way of contacting you? I'm an artist and I'm interested in joining!


So if you could email us at MysteryKidsProject@gmail.com, it would be greatly appreciated. What we will need you for in concept art and as a artist to support the artists we already have with whatever they need. When we start with the other things we have planned in about 2-3 months, you will be VERY needed.

I can explain more in detail via email so as not to give any secrets away here. Thanks!

-Zach, Co-Leader/Secretary/Team Mom