ƒ : contact us : mysterykidsproject @ gmail.com

orangeboars asked:

Where would I be able to contact you later on if a VA or writer spot was open? (I know there aren't any VA spots currently but a writer would be nice, or later.) Oh, and could you link me to any rules there might be?

Thanks for your intrest!

Go ahead and email us at Mysterykidsproject@gmail.com. There are currently no spots open. However, we will put you down if you email us for future reference. There is a chance that as the need arises, spots will open. Thanks!


Anonymous asked:

Hi! So I heard someone asking about a game, I'm all for it, hey, another fan-crossover I like has a game, and it's gotten all over the web. With some help from the extremely talented artists on the team for sprites and backgrounds, I could easily whip something up. Note: please make sure that the sprites are compatible with pixel software, In other words, make sure the sprites don't have any backgrounds. Also, for the software I use, I'll email you the link. Bye! -Thunderlina

Please email us! We’d be interested in hearing more. No promises, but it’s definitely something to look at. Thanks!